Go ahead, ask Florence Henderson to sing “The Brady Bunch” theme song. I dare you. At this point, it would take a super computer to calculate the number of times she’s been asked, and I bet she’s not too thrilled about it. But hey, if you’re interested to see what else Henderson’s got in her repertoire—and you better believe I am—you can check her out at the Rrazz Room beginning tonight.

For six nights, Henderson will perform “All the Lives of Me… A Musical Journey.” Musical as in musicals—she’ll be doing songs from classics like “Oklahoma!” and “The Sound of Music.” And don’t worry, hardcore “Brady” fans. Henderson also promises to regale the audience with tales from her past, including stories from the “Brady Bunch” set. For those of us who have read Barry Williams’ tell-all memoir “Growing Up Brady,” it’ll be a real treat to hear Henderson’s take on things. What about that “date” Williams took her on?

But I digress. This should be a fun show for musical theater lovers and TV fans alike. Tickets for tonight’s show are discounted to $37.50; all other tickets are between $40 and $47. You can buy yours now on the Rrazz Room website.

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