I’d like to live to be 100, but I’m not holding my breath—especially since that would almost definitely shorten my lifespan. Congratulations to the Geary Theatre, current home of the American Conservatory Theater, which has actually made it to the big one-oh-oh.

To celebrate, the theater is putting on an all-day event from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m tomorrow, January 9. Alas, I’ll be out of town till Tuesday, so do me a favor and go on my behalf? You can enjoy behind-the-scenes tours, performances, and prizes. For classic theater buffs, check out the staged reading of George Ade’s “Father and the Boys,” the play that inaugurated the theater back when it was known as the Columbia. Also note the nifty museum-y displays showcasing a century of history.

(Speaking of which, you can see more old-timey photos like the one attached to this post on the A.C.T. website—which also has details about tomorrow’s events.)

Admission? Well, that’s the best part. The event is free. So even if you just want to wander around and observe the happenings from a distance, you have nothing to lose.

Photo courtesy A.C.T.

Community American Conservatory Theater Celebrates Its 100th Birthday Tomorrow