DC City Councilman at Large Kwame Brown put aside some time today to administer the oath of office to Dr. Ruth Westheimer — aka that funny little German sexologist who to used to give pep talks for the uninitiated on late night TV before the internet came along and smartened everybody up.

Her official title is Secretary on Love and Relationships. It’s only honorary, but we’re still embarrassed.

In actuality, this little publicity stunt was concocted to promote something called Date Nights DC – a “28 day stimulus plan for love and relationships” throughout February. Read on, courtesy of Councilman Brown’s press release (entitled “Love has a Destination”):

Dr. Ruth’s appointment is just one part of a larger push by DC’s official tourism industry to capitalize on the national attention that the Obamas have created with their publicized romantic outings.  Destination DC created a mock government agency, the “Department of Love and Relationships,” staffed with hospitality and tourism professionals and headed up by “Secretary” Dr. Ruth.  It is intended primarily to attract tourists and boost the entertainment, food and lodging industries, but also seeks to bring a little cheer and romance into the lives of DC and area residents. 

 Destination DC worked in cooperation with businesses and tourist attractions all across DC.  Participating vendors are offering special deals, from the International Spy Museum (the “Love a Spy” package) and the Newseum (“Will You Be My Co-Anchor?”) to local restaurants across the city, such as TenPenh, DC Coast, Acadiana and Zentan, not to mention hotels that are offering special-rate “Date Nights DC” reservations.

The release goes on to state this Date Night schtick “will become a tradition” ala Restaurant Week and will be big boon to DC restaurants and bars…and especially hotels. Got get taken advantage of too much now, spring semester interns of 2010!

In related news, Dr. Ruth is also now the proud pappy of her own iPhone app. It uses a lot of very, very funny words.

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