The results aren’t final yet, but it looks like Brown is going to win 52% to 47%.

And you have to hand it to him. He ran a great campaign and defeated the favorite Martha Coakley in a race that many Democrats thought would be a cake walk.

But let’s remember that Republicans being elected in this state isn’t without precedent. After all, Mitt Romney was Massachusetts’ Governor and passed mandated healthcare that looks a lot like what Obama and the Dems are trying to pass now.

Here’s more info from Rasmussen:

  • 78% of Brown voters Strongly Oppose the health care legislation before Congress.
  • 52% of Coakley supporters Strongly Favor the health care plan. Another 41% Somewhat Favor the legislation.
  • 61% of Brown voters say deficit reduction is more important than health care reform.
  • 46% of Coakley voters say health care legislation more important than deficit reduction.
  • 86% of Coakley voters say it’s better to pass the bill before Congress rather than nothing at all.
  • 88% of Brown voters say it’s better to pass nothing at all.

So this paves the way for the “Obamacare is dead” meme to take shape…even though this is one Senate race. And hey, if this is what kills healthcare reform, then this is what kills it. But I think everybody should realize what killing it means…ZERO progress on one of the most important issues that continues to drive us further and further into debt. And this after the CBO said this plan would reduce our budget deficits.

And if you think Republicans are going to go for the Wyden-Bennett bill, you’re crazy. That’s pipe dream legislation. Americans believe their healthcare should be tied to employment and that’s not going to change any time soon.

One last note…going back to the health care mandate that was passed in Masschusetts by Romney…the state has the lowest percentage of uninsured in the nation (right around 4%) and has covered an additional 439,000 residents.

More as it develops…

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