England’s Cribs played their last American date at The 9:30 Club this week and boy were they bored. One of the show’s two opening acts, Adam Green, didn’t even bother to show up. The frontman for the other, The Dead Trees, came out hammered and completely incoherent. But at least there were pretty pictures.

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While the Trees stuck to pretty simplistic, alternatively VU and Ramones derived tunes, their singer staggered around the stage before deciding to jump into the crowd about 45 seconds into the set. Not one to embarrass easily apparently, he then went on to drop his mic a couple of times, strip off his little girl-sized leather jacket to expose his man-flab and generally did his best karaoke bar Julian Casablancas impression for the better part of an hour.



Expectations then were low for The Cribs, who the English public seem to have universally agreed are only about as half as good as The Libertines (which ain’t saying much.) Their real appeal seemed to lay in the fact that they somehow talked Johnny Marr into playing with them, but, after listening to a song or three, even the most ardent of Smiths fans would have to concede that the guy (along with a few other of his former bandmates) must be really hard up in the paycheck department these days. (Modest Mouse? Really?) Either way, they said about three words during the course of their set and banged out a lot of pasty white radio rock before skulking back to England.

They won’t be missed.

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Culture PHOTOSTAT: The Cribs/Dead Trees @ The 9:30 Club