Ah, to be a subject of the City Paper‘s scorn. Last week, the local rag made the DC expats behind Fan Death Records into message board whipping boys by swiping a quote from an interview they didn’t even conduct (“Fan Death to DC Bands: ‘Stop Sucking'”). A whole lot of free press later, this much is for sure: the label’s annual showcase, DNA Test Fest, is going to be a whole lot more crowded. For the uninitiated, here’s a taste of what to expect.

For anyone who has ever found their self with newsprint stained fingers after poring over the latest issue of Maximumrocknroll, tracked the original 7” of a Killed By Death track or spent third period doodling the DRI logo on the inside of their notebook, Fan Death and the line-up of this year’s Test Fest is sure to please.

Not since the days of the Superbowl of Hardcore have there been so many bands worth seeing (16 to be exact) under one roof — and all for a measly $15 bucks. However, as we’re sure you’ve heard by now, this year’s festival has up and moved to Sonar in Baltimore. That won’t stop from us from attending once Saturday, April 3rd rolls around.

The night before, Fan Death is also hosting a DNA Test Fest pre-party at DIY space Ruintown featuring Twin Stumps, Pfisters and Mother Sun Flower. Make a weekend of it, Balti-phobes and don’t forget to bring spending money — there’ll be plenty of merch and distro tables at the Fest proper. Check out Fan Death at their homepage or on MySpace for more information.

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Culture Fan Death Records’ DNA Test Fest III: Party Like It’s 1987