So, looks like Drudge and the right wing blogosphere focused on the snowfall in D.C. to claim that global warming is a hoax.

Only problem…they’re completely ignoring that the success of the winter Olympics is in jeopardy because…get ready for it…there is no snow!

Let’s run down some of the headlines…

Olympics: Helicopters and trucks bring snow to Cypress

A clattering helicopter and a rumbling truck dumped snow on Cypress Mountain, the warm weather-plagued venue where the first Winter Olympic event is just four days away.

Olympic organizers opened parts of the mountain to media for the first time Tuesday, showing off a snow-covered moguls course with a big patches of dirt on either side. The snowboard halfpipe remained off limits.

Vancouver: Record-warm January…February frost?

VANCOUVER — In light of recent news of a Pineapple Express in Greater Vancouver and a shortage of snow at Cypress Mountain, it comes as little surprise that this January will go down as the warmest in Vancouver history. The 44.8-degree 31-day average easily eclipsed the previous mark of 43.3, set in 2006. Since record-keeping began in 1937, the January average had been 37.9.

Meteorologists attributed the warm weather to an El Niño — a predictable flow of warm, moist tropical air from the equatorial Pacific — but admitted that their projections underestimated the pattern’s effect. The temperature dipped below freezing on just two days — about ten fewer than normal — and led to some unusual sights: the local newspaper of Cloverdale, a Vancouver suburb, ran a photo of violet crocuses in full bloom.

IOC: Global Warming Could Affect Winter Olympics

President of IOC, Jacques Rogge, told AFP the issue had been discussed during a meeting on Monday ahead of the Winter Olympics, which begin on February 12. The highlight of the meeting was over Cypress Mountain, near Vancouver, where the games will be held. […]

“Global warming of course is a worry,” Rogge said. “It might affect, in the long-term, the staging of Winter Games but I can tell you that today in the evaluation committee meeting we asked for statistics.” Looking for reports of what snow conditions are like in particular resorts for future venues is a must, but, this of course is no guarantee either, he added.

“Global warming is definitely a factor that must be taken into account in Olympic preparations,” noted Rogge. In the future, global warming will be a key issue when determining which cities will host Olympic Games. “In awarding the event to a host city, we must look at the climate and snow conditions and geography, as well as ways to alleviate any lack of snow.”

And…from the hometown paper…

Welcome to the global warming games. (This is no snow job)

Hello, world!

And welcome to the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, or as we like to call it here in Vancouver, spring!

As part of our Olympic mandate, we, the people of Vancouver, vowed that when we first won the right to host the Games we would make them the most environmentally responsible in Olympic history. Here in the birthplace of Greenpeace, the 100-Mile Diet and the wool-socks-with-sandals look, we have not only endeavoured to make these, literally, the Greenest Games ever, we have succeeded beyond our wildest dreams!

As you can see, we’ve gone a little overboard.

You’re probably wondering where the snow is.

Thankfully this will be on full display for all of the world (and doubters) to see in short order.

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