Yours truly had a post on called “Political Independence is the New Feminism” — please check it out!

Jackie Salit, President of, a national association of independent voters and the manager of the NYC Independence Party’s campaign for Mike Bloomberg in which he became the first independent mayor of New York City, has a new article out “Independents See Through Washington’s Magic Show” where Salit posits “What’s really going on is Democrats and Republicans are using independents to produce the illusion that the parties are being responsive to the American people. Here’s how the trick works…”
(see Huffington Post)

  • Salit also ran an exclusive for the Christian Science Monitor “Tea Party Activists: Don’t Confuse Them with Independents” where she differentiates the social conservative movement with today’s diverse independent movement.
  • More on Independent Voters: Yes, Government is Broken. Now What?

  • Independents have had a busy week! CNN appears to be developing an independent track with the Don Lemon independent panel of Dr. Omar Ali, Joe Gandelman and Nicole Kurokawa — looking forward to tonight’s broadcast Sunday (6:20-6:40), February 21st, to discuss “Broken Government” from an independents’ perspective … Wish I could easily find a link but you might have to Go Fish….

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