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The Nite Lights perform The Stuffed Animal Project on Friday March 19th at Johnny Brenda’s

The release show for Stuffed Animals happens on March 19th at Johnny Brenda's

Stuffed Animals: a Story in Paper Cutouts by Joe Boruchow will be released the evening of March 19th in conjunction with the debut of a new performance by Boruchow’s band, The Nite Lights. The show includes a slide show of the graphic novel with musical score played live by the band.

Stuffed Animals is a narrative composed of 100 black paper cutouts. It tells the tale of a young boy and his shocking discoveries over one adventurous and terrifying night. An apparition from the past guides the hero through a dangerous secret world in this masculine coming of age story. “Is manhood more than just a mustache?”, asks Boruchow, the 34 year old self taught artist and musician. Get the book and see! Four years in the making, the book was awarded a Xeric Foundation grant for graphic fiction allowing for the publication of a hard bound edition that will be available at the show.

In addition to celebrating the release of the book at Johnny Brenda’s on March 19, The Nite Lights will debut their most ambitious project to date. They have been composing the music since November for the 20 minute slide show of Stuffed Animals that will be shown silent movie-style with the live band. The Nite Lights will play it twice: once at 9 pm (for early birds) and again later at 12am (for you night owls) with the sweet sounds of Mondo Topless, Northern Liberties and DJ Brown Jeff sandwiched in between for an extra delicious evening of artsy entertainment.

Joe Boruchow began making paper cutouts while stenciling posters for his Philadelphia based rock band The Nite Lights. As his stencils became more intricate and less durable he began making prints from the cutouts and the resulting black and white images they produced have become a mainstay on Philadelphia’s posting boards and telephone poles. Often provocative and funny they have been noticed by music fans and fine art aficionados alike. Sara Sherr of the Philadelphia Daily News said in her November 2003 profile of The Nite Lights that “even if you’ve never heard of (the band), you can’t miss the unique cutouts and posters designed by frontman/guitarist Joe B that adorn the walls of record stores and coffee shops. His band’s music, like his artwork, stands out…”

The thirty-one year old Washington DC native is self taught. He describes how he became enamored with the ancient medium of paper cutouts. “Making images out of paper is like sculpting and performing surgery simultaneously. It is an exercise in excision (it’s what you remove that is important) and this has really informed my creative process. Whether it be composing songs, performing or making cutouts my goal is to refine an idea to its essence. It begins comprised of many fractured elements and its my task to decipher what serves that idea and what does not.” This results in renderings of intricate images both symbolic and emotional from single pieces of black paper mounted on white satin. Joe Boruchow has been involved in many solo and group exhibitions including a 2007 juried show at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in which he won first prize.

To buy the book visit Kettle Drummer Books or fine Philadelphia booksellers. You can also see more of Boruchow’s artwork on his website.

Musicians playing on the 19th include –

The Nite Lights

The Nite Lights are a Philadelphia based original rock band fronted by local artist Joe B. whose well known cutout posters for shows and political/social satires can be seen plastered all over the city on telephone poles or abandoned store fronts or carefully displayed like his exhibitions at The Bean Cafe’ and Wexler Gallery. Since their beginning in the summer of 2002 they have increased their local following with a stylistically diverse sound and cabaret inspired performances. Drawing on influences ranging from traditional rock and roll to vaudevillian Americana inspired folk and a reputation for creating psychological narratives coupled with solid grooves, unconventional composition, and classic guitar work. Combining elements of classic country, backwoods blues, and vaudeville with the indie-pop sensibility of the modern hipster, the group keeps fans guessing–but keeps them listening, too.” (Editors review –
The Nite Lights

Mondo Topless

Yes, they’re still around. Since Halloween 1992, Mondo Topless has defied all logic and reason by continuing to dish out its garage-punk slop to dozens upon dozens of appreciative fans.

The band’s mission is simple: Pile into the van, drive to the show, play “three chords and a cloud of dust” rock n roll, and suck down as many free drinks as possible. In pursuit of this goal, the band has traveled all over the U.S.A. (or at least the parts they can reach within reason), appearing with such luminaries as Southern Culture On The Skids, The Cynics, Dick Dale, Mudhoney, the Lyres, the Original Sins, the Fleshtones, the Woggles, Ronnie Dawson (R.I.P.), and many more.

The current edition of the band features Sam Steinig on vocals and the “cheesy, imperfect tone” of the Vox Continental organ he insists on lugging to the gigs, despite the howls of protest from the other members of the band. Kris Alutius is on guitar & backing vocals when hes not consuming vast quantities of potted meat. Scott Rodgers plays bass and sings backing vocals; for reasons unknown to anyone – including himself – this is his second go-round as a member of the band. The latest addition to the band is Steve Thrash, aka Steve Von Steve, aka Stevie Thunder. He provides the requisite thud and slam.

The band’s new CD, “Take It Slow”, is their second for Get Hip and fourth overall. Taking a page from the book of Lou Reed, the band claims their new CD is “the best thing weve ever done”. Recorded at Slug Studios in Collingswood, NJ, which is in actuality the equipment-strewn attic in Kris’ house, the CD perfectly encapsulates the breathtaking variety of styles and influences at the bands disposal, or something like that.

So keep your eyes open – and make sure to come out and see them the next time theyre in your town.
Mondo Topless

Northern Liberties

Northern Liberties is…
Justin Duerr – Vocals and Percussion
Marc Duerr – Drumset
Kevin Riley – Bass

Northern Liberties are a three piece band consisting of drums, percussion, bass, and voices. Northern Liberties formed in the year 2000 as an outgrowth of the then current West Philadelphia (literally) underground basement band scene. Brothers Justin and Marc Duerr, on percussion/vocals and drums, respectively, joined long-time friend Kevin with the idea of forming a band. The unusual instrumentation was a result of the three deciding to work with what and whom they were most comfortable with rather than bringing in other musicians – thus an idiosyncratic and offbeat sound was forged, more out of practicality than any desire to be deliberately offbeat. Northern Liberties receive their music from an unnameable/indescribable dimension, which, while being impossible to accurately describe using any language including music, is most clearly shown in rough outline by the occult practice of musical realization.

Northern Liberties have been called “Strangely wonderful” (Heathen Harvest), “As strong, as menacing, and as idiosyncratic as ever” (Wonkavision), “For fans of underground social change music” (, “Definitely heavy, thoroughly metal” (Punk Planet), “Raw, artistic expression in the vein of No Means No or Shellac” (Lowcut zine), “One of the more intriguing bands I’ve heard in a while” ( “Somewhere between the dissonant riff-heavy freakouts of Lightning Bolt, sullen Cure/Joy Division gloom, melodic hardcore marches, and spacey, psychedelic angular avant-punk that touches on USAISAMONSTER, folk, and cosmic effects tripouts, bound together with bizarre feverdream lyrics and really cool zoned out vocals” (, “A bit Joy Division, with part Fugazi and an added touch of heaviness” (Slug And Lettuce), and “Something obtuse and beautiful” by the Philadelphia City Paper. The Philadelphia Weekly has observed that “Northern Liberties take their percussive, provocative noise-punk to the lunatic fringe”, and it has been written on the WKDU blog that “Each encounter with this band (and once again the live shows especially) is like a baptism in fire, blood, & electricity, and every time I reemerge I’m still convinced that the world is a dark & scary place, but I also have a renewed hope that there still is something resembling magic in this world”…

Christened ‘ghost punk’ by a friends child, Northern Liberties music can be seen as a wraithlike spectral branch of the ‘rock’ and ‘punk’ subcategories of music. While the sound is relatively uptempo and (usually) follows what have become traditional verse/chorus/verse patterns, there is an underlying apparitional weirdness at work, which hopefully can serve to activate the coming ‘ghost punk involution’. The so-called ghost punk involution is an internal revolution designed to break the spell of the misery of terror/hatred which has hypnotized much of the world. This aforementioned segment of the world is in a slumber until it is awakened to the gnosis of union with the song which demonstrates a way (appearing differently to every beholder/listener) to break this spell.

Since forming in 2000, Northern Liberties have slowly and steadily moved in a non-linear direction, exploring and experiencing their collective music and sharing it with others if and when possible. While having no clear ‘game plan’ other than to participate in the phenomenon of music, Northern Liberties have successfully completed three tours of the USA, as well as recording three full length albums and two 7 inches, one a split with Boston’s Bugs And Rats. Northern Liberties have shared shows with Mike Watt & The Secondmen, Lungfish, The Notekillers, Dysrhythmia, Stinking Lizaveta, The Low Budgets, Bunnydrums, Shellshag, Pre and countless other bands in their seven year sojourn on the planet Earth.

The year 2007 found the band busier than ever, touring the entirety of the US, as well as playing sporadic shows in Philadelphia and on the east coast. The band has also completed and released its third full length album, recorded at the much celebrated Inner Ear studios in Arlington Virginia with Don Zientara, known for his work with such bands as Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Fugazi, Bikini Kill, and pretty much all the Dischord Records bands. This new album, titled ‘Ghost Mind Electricity’, has been released with Philadelphia’s Badmaster label, and finds the band well footed on a path that is very uniquely its own. They are poised to traverse ever farther and deeper into the depths and pinnacles of this singular territory, and the invitation is extended to any and all to share the experience. Nothing will ever be the same again.
Northern Liberties

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