DC’s best NASA-endorsed, “Troll 2”-referencing steampunk band, the sadly not-so-prolific Cassettes, have been largely silent since the release of 2008’s “Countach”. Last week, however, they poked their head out of the bunker to spread the world about an upcoming record (sorta) and drop a post-snowmageddon digital single.

The new single’s A-side, “Snö,” first turned up as a bonus track on the Australian re-release of the band’s breakout record, “‘Neath the Pale Moon,” in 2008, so this is the only chance for completists to get ahold of it on the right side of the equator.

Backing it up is cover of New Moscow‘s “Slow Down” – a wrist-slitter of a torch song featured on (cough) “Grey’s Anatomy.” Get them both for a whopping two bucks over at Bandcamp.

Via e-mail update, the band has addressed their ongoing extended hiatus and the chances of releasing any “new” material — to our ears anyway — in 2010:

As you may very well know The Cassettes are indeed time-travelers, history has shown the group to take years at a time for a pause. Perhaps it’s a cup of tea in their time-machine…or for wandering founding member to commune with polar creatures for a year or scream in a punk band for a moment. Either way in moments of seeming inactivity the travelers find themselves experiencing new things before convening again for an adventure. The Cassettes have recently scoured their archives and plan on releasing another album from music mostly culled from the ‘Neath The Pale Moon sessions that was never released or rarely seen. Some may remember the songs from live shows, either way, stay tuned for another message in the month of March about this oncoming release…

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