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Obama Stumps For Healthcare In Pennsylvania


As I’ve said before, watch the following and explain to me how this amounts to a government takeover of healthcare. Explain to me why we shouldn’t be doing ALL of these ideas. Because it doesn’t seem like there’s anything in there that 80% of Americans can’t agree with. Sure, you’re going to have your 10% of conservatives who disagree philosophically and the 10% of liberals who think we should just have a government run system, but for the rest of us this makes a lot of sense.

So yes, take a look…

Should have Obama done this sooner? Sure. But he has been stumping for healthcare, talking about these ideas for months now. So when people talk about a lack of leadership on this issue, I shake my head. This isn’t an proposal you can boil down into a sound byte. Of course saying that Obama’s ideas is something that only takes up several seconds, so I can understand why Americans are skeptical. The Republicans have been very consistent with their messaging, and, well, good for them. That’s how this game is played.

But ask yourself…which party will deliver real reform? Those who are trying to figure this out or those who have vowed to vote against most of their own ideas?

I leave you to it…