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House Democrats Have 216 Votes For Health Care Reform? Well…


Just got the news from Politico:

House Democratic Caucus Chairman John Larson says Democrats have clinched the 216 votes they need to pass President Barack Obama’s health-reform plan. “We have the votes now — as we speak,” Larson said Sunday morning.

But do they?

Looks like Bart Stupak and the White House are nearing a deal on abortion language…and he claims that the House leadership doesn’t have 216 until they can covert some of his bloc…and they aren’t changing unless the language changes.

From The Hill:

“We are close to getting something done,” Stupak said in an interview with MSNBC. Stupak said he engaged in talks late into Saturday night.

The possible deal would focus on an executive order that would specify there would be no public funding for abortions in the healthcare bill. “We’re close but we’re not there yet,” Stupak said.

Democratic leaders said Sunday they have the votes on healthcare reform, but Stupak said until there is a deal struck, they don’t have the 216 votes they need. Stupak said “there were eight of us” in the negotiating room, all of them no votes.

Long story short, it looks like this bill will pass today when the White House makes concessions for Stupak’s objections to current language on abortion in the Senate bill.

More as it develops…