If you dig into the demographics of approval/disapproval on the health care question, some interesting trends emerge…

As expected, those who have health care don’t like reform. Because it won’t mean much for them and Dems haven’t made a compelling case that it will drive down their premiums. Well, not yet anyway. However, those who don’t have coverage, well, they’re head over heels. And those on Medicare, well, they’re close to being neutral. Because they already have government run health care and this won’t change things much either.

Next up…income. I find this one particularly interesting since those who make over $75K only have a net -8 disapproval, while those who make between $50 and $75K have -19 disapproval. Maybe this is where most small business owners fall? And, obviously those who are in a lower income bracket love that they’ll be able to afford health care.

The age demos are the most telling, especially when you’re looking at the long term viability of this program. 18 to 34 have a positive view of it, while all others don’t. It’s definitely harder to get that younger generation out to the polls, so 2010 might not turn out well for the Dems, but in the long term this could be huge for them.

What are your thoughts given this demo info?

Politics Gallup: Who Likes Health Care, Who Doesn’t?