In honor of Stephen Sondheim’s 80th birthday, I asked theater tweeps (translation: people interested in theater who use Twitter) their favorite Sondheim song. Some of those who answered were celebrities —
Valerie Harper (appearing on Broadway as Tallulah Bankhead in Looped): Happy Birthday Mr. Sondheim. My favorite song of yours might just be the whole first act from “Sunday In The Park With George….

Many were just everyday fans of the most celebrated composer and lyricist on Broadway. Here is a small sample, arranged alphabetically by the musical in which the song was sung.

Linda Buchwald (who tweets as @PataphysicalSci ): “Unworthy of your Love” from Assassins–It is striking how the music is so lovely and the lyrics so disturbing.
Carli Entin (@CarliEntin) agrees, citing: “I would crawl belly deep through Hell.”

Rose Ginsberg (@MsEnScene): “Another National Anthem,” from Assassins. Its momentum and mood and story are unparalleled. “There are prizes all around you, if you’re wise enough to see. The delivery boy’s on Wall Street and the usherette’s a rockstar.”

Natalie Chernicoff (@HelloMuchBetter) (Not) Getting Married Today
“what’s a wedding, it’s a prehistoric ritual where everybody promises fidelity forever..”

Into The Woods
Carli Entin (@carlient) Off the top of my head, “No One is Alone” from Into The Woods. Not subtle, but a great message about forgiveness and understanding.

Merrily We Roll Along
Aja (@ajafair) “Not a Day Goes By” from Merrily We Roll Along. My favorite rendition of it:

Pacific Overtures
Stefanie Walsh (@Vmarshmellow): Someone in a Tree. Amazing how he can take an intellectual idea and not only make it dramatic but make it emotional.

William McWorter (@wmcworter): The song that had greatest impact on me was ‘Next’ from ‘Pacific Overtures.’ Absolutely thrilling/chilling. “Never mind a small disaster. Who’s the stronger, who’s the faster? Let the pupil show the master. Next!”

Sunday In The Park With George
Serg Rodriguez (@Splurge24) Without a doubt, Finishing The Hat “And how you’re always turning back too late … dizzy from the height.”
“And when the woman that you wanted goes …. mapping out the sky” Those two parts of the song just kill me.

Ally Paul (@aspaul) Move On: Anything you do, let it come from you, then it will be new.

Sweeney Todd
Ben Hopkin (@Actingnodrama) “Not while I’m Around” from Sweeney Todd, but NOT a fair question! There are too many.

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