Check out the Artist Showcase at Street Bean Espresso in Belltown
Check out the Artist Showcase at Street Bean Espresso in Belltown
A new coffeeshop opened in Belltown last fall. Hardly newsworthy, right? In this case, wrong. The opening of Street Bean Espresso made the news for training and employing homeless youth and street kids. In fact, that is the sole raison d’être for the non-profit coffeeshop. It’s almost incidental that they actually serve good coffee. Sustainably harvested Caffee Lusso coffee, no less.

But don’t just take my word for it.This Friday, April 2nd, you should head down to Street Bean Espresso and hang out there from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm for several very good reasons.

One, of course, is the coffee.

Another is a new program called Artist Showcase which will be a blend of music, art, literature and coffee, all in one evening. This Friday, Jessica Ornelas will have photography on the walls and for sale.

Need more? Sonya Chung will be there. This is kind of a big deal – her debut novel, Long For This World, has just been released and is garnering good reviews. She will be reading at The Hugo House a little later in the month, but you get her first if you go to Street Bean. She’ll even have a few books there.

Lastly, take a few minutes to read their story. If ever an establishment deserved your patronage, this is it.

Street Bean Espresso is located at 2702 3rd Avenue.

Community Artist Showcase at Street Bean Espresso to feature Sonya Chung