For the 27th year running, the University of Maryland has lined up some chart-topping talent to headline their annual Art Attack music/craft/art festival. The only problem is that this year’s two musical main draws — Weezer and Ben Folds — both hit the peak of their popularity well over a decade ago. This, my friends, is what happens when a panel of bureaucrats and academics try to book a rock show for college kids.

To be sure, the University has at least tried to get it with Art Attacks past. Last year’s, for instance, featured rap megastar Ludacris alongside NoVa jam band Virginia Coalition, and super-hip DC locals The Dance Party. As insipid and vacuous as all three of those may be, they do manage to speak to broad cross-section of tastes and probably made for more than appropriate background noise in between beer runs.

For 2010, however, UMD’s settled on two artists that are very personification of “adult alternative” tedium. The music, by the way, is supposed to be an extra added incentive to check out the Art Attack’s real centerpiece — the dozens of students and vendors trying to make a buck of their arty wares. Good luck finding any non-student patrons who are willing to drop $40 on admission to a craft fair-cum-great white rock’n’roll monolith.

Then again, this is also a school that also riots over really unimpressive victories, so maybe this a measure meant to keep everyone as calm as possible. Find out for yourself when the festival kicks off on Friday, April 30th at Byrd Stadium. Get more information here.

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