Tiresome Two-Party System, Partisan Primaries and Alliances

Our two-party system creates a point-counterpoint tiresome spin cycle, says Bonnie Erbe on the Thomas Jefferson Street blog. She likes multi-party democracy but doesn’t see any quick path to that result. Speaking on behalf of the one million Pennsylvania independents who are locked out of voting in the primaries, Rep. Eugene DePasquale, D-York, with support from Independent Pennsylvanians, has introduced an open primary bill into the PA legislature. Some conservative anti-Proposition 14 California Repubs think the multi-party opposition to the Prop 14 open primary initiative is an “unholy alliance”. Maybe these forces think ANY alliance is unholy by definition? Meanwhile, some pro-Prop 14 forces consider the opposition an “unlikely bipartisan coalition” that “tells us a lot about who’s worried about their power”. You might notice that The Hankster occasionally covers the Tea Party, but hardly ever the Coffee Party which, according to their mission statement, “gives voice to Americans who want to see cooperation in government”. The reason for that is that The Hankster covers the media that covers the independent movement and the MSM associates independents with the conservative Tea Party movement, but not the Coffee Party. However, I’ve got my eye out for welcome signs from center-left Coffee Party to independents…. Meanwhile, some gays want a separate nation-state.

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