With a seemingly never-ending supply bloodthirsty lawyers and lobbyists, it’s no surprise that the District is also home to some of the finest steakhouses that the East Coast has to offer. Most, however, sport price-tags that rival those of the suits that populate them. Call it a blessing then for capital area carnivores that restaurateur Michael Landrum is finally opening his first DC iteration of his incredibly popular — and super cheap — Arlington eatery, Ray’s the Steaks, next Wednesday. And it’s blessedly far away from K St.

Originally announced as Ray’s the Heat, Landrum has re-dubbed his new operation Ray’s the Steaks at East River in the hopes of playing up it’s unique status as one of the first A-rated restaurants in recent memory to open in Ward 8 Ward 7. At present, it seems that Ray’s East River will retain all the flourishes, or lack thereof, that made it’s Arlington counterpart a sensation back in 2002 — no reservations, no dress code and aged steaks starting at 20 bucks.

Landrum will cut the ribbon on Ray’s new location at 3905 Dix St. NE — just a block from the heavily trafficked Minnesota/Benning corridor — on Wed. April 7 at 2 PM. The POTUS may not be there to queue up for some medium-rare pleasure as he did last summer at the Steaks’ burger joint counterpart, Ray’s Hell Burger, but something tells us that always the photo-op friendly Mayor Adrian Fenty will be on hand to take credit for bringing “economic development” east of the river. Mmm, the savory taste of political maneuvering.

UPDATE: Toldja! The Executive Office of the Mayor announced yesterday evening that Fenty and Deputy Mayor Valerie Santos will be on hand “to celebrate the grand opening of Ray’s the Steaks” this afternoon — although the time has been pushed back to 3:30 PM. While they’re there, let’s hope someone asks them how Liberty Engineering‘s alleged pilfering of city funds is tasting ’bout now

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Community UPDATE: “RAY’S THE STEAKS at East River” Sets Grand Opening Date