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Gates & Clinton Explain New Nuclear Policy & Treaty


All of this is very straightforward, but it bears repeating since so many on the right cried foul last week.

So, basically, this new policy will deter nations from taking the path that Iran and North Korea have taken since they know we won’t strike them with nuclear weapons…thus taking away a key argument from those who would seek nuclear capabilities.

Also, and let’s make sure this holds the appropriate weight…the agreement with Russia was historic. First, it definitely started a new relationship with our friend/foe and that shouldn’t be discounted. Second, even though this treaty only means a 30% reduction now, it paves the way for a significant drawdown between the two countries in the future. Third, we’re not giving up missile defense in Europe. Of course, Russia is saying they could withdraw, but that’s their style. However, there’s a difference between diplomacy and reality, and this is where I wish my friends on the right wouldn’t be so reactionary.

Still…I want to hear your thoughts. After the smoke has cleared, what do you think of this new policy and treaty?