Adult Swim television shows touring live isn’t a new phenomenon In 2007, 2008, and 2009 Tim and Eric took their Awesome Show on the road with great success. The fictitious metal gods of Adult Swims off the wall show Metalocalypse, Dethklok have toured the country and played several sold out venues. Just last summer Robot Chicken Co-Creators Seth Green and Matt Senreich packed the band Gym Class Heroes, and several recognizable characters from their show onto a bus, and launched a special Roller Skating tour to promote the release of their Stars Wars episode 2 DVD. But it looks like Adult Swims tours might have just taken a turn for the odder. Because now Frylock, Grand Master Shake, Meatwad, and a few other characters from the hit show Aqua Teen Hunger Force are about to go on tour and sing in front of a live audience…. sort of.

2/3 of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Dave Willis and Dana Snyder are going on a full-blown tour of this great nation – performing music and comedy and showing amazing, unseen videos and clips from upcoming episodes of ATHF and Squidbillies, giving out free junk, judging a Show Us Your Meatwad Competition, recording voicemail messages, helping you with your Women’s and Gender Studies Paper, lecturing on the world of entertainment and internet media, and answering your questions with completely unrelated responses.

Dave Willis

Dave Willis is a writer and producer of cartoons for Adult Swim. He started his career in 1996 as a producer on “Space Ghost Coast to Coast”. In 2000, he co-created “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” and provides the voice of Meatwad and the irascible next door neighbor, Carl. He is also executive producer of “Squidbillies” and is currently working on an animated pilot entitled “Cheyenne Cinnamon and the Fantabulous Unicorn of Sugar Town Candy Fudge”. With his wife Jane, he is also the author of “Doing Task Based Teaching”, a manual that provides teachers with a better understanding of task-based learning and how to incorporate tasks with textbook material. He is also a pastor and author of the blog “Faith, Fatherhood and Free Time”. He is also a realtor in Charlotte, NC. He is also a starting midfielder for the footballers of Gisborne Ciey, New Zealand. He is also the legendary Glasgow-born comedian who died in 1935. He is also a professor at the School of Dentistry at the University of Louisville. More information on Dave Willis can be found at

Dana Snyder

Dana Snyder is awesome as hell!

Press Release

Adult Swim Presents: Aqua Teen Hunger Force Live Plus Also Some Squidbillies Stuff Live

Aqua Teen’s Dave Willis and Dana Snyder embark on full-blown tour starting April 15

Brace yourselves as Dave Willis, co-creator of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the voice of Meatwad and Carl, and Dana Snyder, the voice of Master Shake, join forces and hit the road for a nationwide live tour beginning in Dallas, TX on April 15. This is the first major Aqua Teen Hunger Force live tour after successful live performances last year in Austin and Chicago.

Starring Dave and Dana, the comedy variety show brings to life the characters from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, one of Adult Swim’s most popular original series that features Master Shake, a sadistic and lazy milkshake, Frylock, a floating box of fries, and Meatwad, a lovable ball of meat. Mixing clips from upcoming episodes, live music from their latest album, Have Yourself a Meaty Little Christmas, along with skits featuring both Aqua Teen and Squidbillies characters, the live show includes Meatwad and Master Shake onstage (through the puppet wizardry of a former Jim Henson designer James Wojtal). Granny from the Adult Swim hit, Squidbillies – also co-created by Willis – joins the live cast as well. In addition, short comedy films, available only at the live shows, and free Adult Swim junk, round out the show.

The Aqua Teen’s hairy obnoxious neighbor Carl appears as well to play air guitar and offer a unique “regional beef” targeting each city. Dave and Dana also judge a “Show Us Your Meatwad Competition,” record voicemail messages, help students with Women’s and Gender Studies papers, lecture on the world of entertainment and internet media and answer questions with completely unrelated responses.

Tickets are on sale now through Ticketmaster and local outlets listed on the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Live site:

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Live Plus Also Some Squidbillies Stuff Live will hit the following lucky cities:

April 15: Dallas – House of Blues
April 16: Houston – House of Blues
April 17: Austin, Texas – Paramount Theatre
April 18: New Orleans – House of Blues
April 22: Seattle – Showbox
April 23: Portland, Ore. – Aladdin
April 25: San Francisco – Regency Ballroom
April 27: Los Angeles – El Rey
April 29: Minneapolis – Pantages
April 30: Madison, Wis. – Barrymore Theatre
May 1: Detroit – St. Andrews
May 2: Chicago – Park West
May 5: Columbus, Ohio – LC Pavillion
May 6: Buffalo, N.Y. – Town Ballroom
May 7: Burlington, Vt. – Higher Ground
May 8: Philadelphia – The Trocadero
May 9: Boston – Wilbur Theatre
May 11: New York – Nokia Theatre
May 13: Falls Church, Va. – State Theatre
May 14: Charlotte, N.C. – Amos
May 15: Atlanta – Center Stage

Dave Willis is the co-creator of Squidbillies and Aqua Teen Hunger Force and voices characters Carl, Meatwad and Ignignokt from ATHF. Willis also co-wrote, co-produced and co-directed the feature film The Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie Film for Theatres which made its big screen debut in March 2007 in over 800 theatres nationwide. Dana Snyder is a voice actor and comedian who is best known for playing Master Shake on Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Snyder also provides the voice of “Granny” Cuyler on Squidbillies, in addition to voices for many other animated series, including The Venture Bros. and Robot Chicken.

Adult Swim (, launched in 2001, is Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.’s network offering original and acquired animated and live-action series for young adults. Airing nightly from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. (ET, PT), Adult Swim shares channel space with Cartoon Network, home to the best in original, acquired and classic entertainment for youth and families, and is seen in 97 million U.S. homes.

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., a Time Warner company, creates and programs branded news, entertainment, animation and young adult media environments on television and other platforms for consumers around the world.

For more details on the event, to pick up tickets, and to peruse some hilarious video skits; check out the events Website. And to learn more about Aqua Teen Hunger Force in general, and keep track of the latest news, check out the shows

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