Forgive me, but right now all I can think of is this.

You can almost hear the meeting that this was cooked up in…

“All those in favor of paying homage to a terrorist to rally the anti-government right so they’ll vote for us in November say aye!”

Now, before you claim the same thing that many on the right are saying…that the allusion to Fawkes wasn’t intentional…yeah, I’m sure they weren’t paying any attention to Ron Paul supporters in 2007. I’m sure they didn’t check Google for the words “Remember November”. And none of them saw that movie or read the comic either. All completely innocent…nudge nudge wink wink…sure.

Also, the claim that young staffers did this in house…sure. As long as those staffers spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours learning After Effects and Final Cut Pro. Certainly not impossible, but the suggestion that this was just slapped together by some interns is ludicrous. You don’t entrust novices and cross your fingers when creating something that the entire world will be paying attention to.

Okay, well, I take that back.

By the way…TIME says this about the vid…

One other note, RGA message wizards have intentionally not circulated this video on YouTube or made an embed version of it publicly available. (Swampland asked for, and was granted, special dispensation.) They want people to view it on their site,, in the hopes of building a grassroots army.

Ummm…well, here’s the publicly available link to the video. Not too hard to find.

Tip for the wizards…free technology exists where you can host videos on your own site so nobody can embed them on theirs. It’s like magic…only without any actual magic!

Politics Remember November? Yes? Well, You’ll Want To See This.