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Why Republicans Might Not Want To Take Back The House


Of course you always want to be in power, right?

Well…not according to an editorial in the Wall Street Journal…and I have to say that the points are intriguing if the GOP wants to win the White House in 2011.

From WSJ:

If Republicans win control of the House, which is the big prize this year, they’d take on much more responsibility for what happens in Washington. Yet inevitably they would be in charge by such a slim margin they wouldn’t be able to really control much, particularly if Democrats keep control of the Senate, which seems likely.

Republicans’ own flaws and divisions, rather than those of the Democrats, would move to the forefront. President Obama actually would find it easier to move to the political center, which is where he’ll want to be for his own re-election campaign in 2012.

There are good reasons, in short, that some Republicans say privately that they hope they get close to taking control but don’t go over the top. That, they think, would set them up better to take back control of everything—presidency, House and Senate—in 2012.

So, it does make some bit of sense. But how’s that for a rallying cry, “Let’s win!!!…only so much!”

Still…it seems like Obama is in a good position to move more towards the center anyway. He’s already passed landmark health care legislation and now he can attempt to push immigration to the side and zero in on climate change with Lindsey Graham’s help. After that he has his deficit commission, which will inevitably advise him to raise the age on Social Security and Medicare, as well as cutting certain, outdated entitlements programs. The Republicans don’t want to be in power when that gets pushed through in early 2011? Hmmm…

Basically what I’m saying is that the “Obama becomes more centrist” narrative is already shaping up regardless of whether or not the Republicans win the House.

Also, voters already look at Republicans as merely obstructionists anyway, so if they get close to taking the majority or they do take it…without any discernible plan to make things better apart from tax cuts…do they really think that’s a recipe for electoral success?

What do you think?