First it was the wishy-washiness of the civil rights act repeal and now it’s criticism of the administration being tough on BP?

Watch the video…

Here’s the thing…yes, accidents happen on offshore oil rigs. However, most damage is mitigated by appropriate safety measures being put in place to keep spills to a minimum.

However, recent reports have revealed that BP didn’t spend the appropriate time, money or energy to ensure that an accident couldn’t turn into a catastrophe. And now the Gulf is paying the price with 2M+ gallons being pumped into that ecosystem every single day.

Do know I’m genuinely sorry to see Rand suffer these slings and arrows. I liked how earnest his dad was, but that doesn’t make up for being so green. In other words, Rand really has nobody to blame but himself. He just isn’t ready for the national stage and this week has been evidence of exactly that. Maybe he’ll recover, but I think we all have serious doubts.

More as it develops…

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