Movies in a parking lot and silly fun every summer with the Fremont Outdoor Movies
Movies in a parking lot and silly fun every summer with the Fremont Outdoor Movies
They’re calling it the “biggest summer yet!” over on the Fremont Outdoor Movies website, and I agree.

Eight movies are scheduled to play on the parking lot wall this summer on Saturday nights, with a possible ninth movie to be scheduled later, and the photo movie booth is back. The photo booth is so good I can’t resist the temptation to copy straight from the website:

Here’s your chance to become an instant neighborhood celebrity with our tacky, fun movie photo booth.We bring the silly wigs, props, and suit it to fit the theme of the movie screening that night to ensure an outrageously good time… all we ask, is you and your friends supply the “Kodak Moment”. Best part its completely free and people walk away with all sorts of goofy swag and ULTIMATE BRAGGING RIGHTS. Winners will be announced at Seattle Magazine every Monday, for the chance to win a free pizza party for your next movie at

Dress in costume, bring creative seating and a picnic dinner and while they suggest $5 as a donation for entrance, I’d suggest you really do offer up five measly dollars for an outrageously good time and to support a fun organization. You can get all the FAQ’s about the events here. The Fremont Outdoor Movies are more than just a movie flickering on a wall. There will be an 80’s Prom Party Night, a celebration of the 25th anniversary of The Goonies, a Zoolander Walk-Off Night, and much more. Keep in mind, this is Fremont, after all. Would you expect anything less of the Center of the Universe?

The Schedule:

  • June 26 – Twilight: New Moon with Eclipse Sneak Peek
  • July 3 – Dawn of the Dead with Red, White, and Dead Zombie Walk and Movie Party
  • July 10 – Ghostbusters
  • July 17 – The Hangover
  • July 24 – Zoolander with Blue Steel’s Walk-Off Night
  • July 31 – Fritz Lang’s Metropolis with Live Orchestra (Film version to be announced)
  • August 7 – Pretty in Pink with 80’s Prom Party Night with John Hughes Tribute
  • August 14 – The Goonies with 25th Anniversary Celebration Party – “Never Say Die” Night

The location for The Fremont Outdoor Movies is 3501 Phinney Avenue North, right across the street from the Theo Chocolate factory. Sorry, I measure everything in chocolate.

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