Perineum at the Grape Room, 5/25/10

For all those who mourned the closing of Manayunk’s Grape Street Pub, one of the best venues for local music in Philadelphia, fear not – native bands have the opportunity once again to showcase their songwriting skills, vocal stylings, and gyrating hips to an eager crowd accustomed to the local music scene.  Open to the public since April of 2010, The Grape Room has filled the void left by the closing of the original Grape Street in 2008, the location of half a decade of hard-rocking debauchery, closet alcoholism, and unique opportunities for fans and musicians alike to support original music and their favorite Philadelphia bands.

WMMR’s Local Shots

The popularity of the Grape Street, in all of its permutations, is due almost entirely to a single event – WMMR’s Local Shots, hosted by your favorite WMMR DJ and mine, Jaxon.  The Grape Room is a great venue for original music almost any night of the week, but Thursday nights are designed specifically to bring together local bands, a wide array of supporters, and the occasional sorority girl looking to fawn over an emerging rock star.  Doors open at eight and, given the nocturnal tendencies of the vampires we call musicians, the music lasts further into the night than the typical Thursday night local show.  Yes, I think you heard me right – Thursdays.  Formerly, Jaxon’s Local Shots was a Tuesday night Manayunk tradition. For all you lucky alternatives who start your weekend an evening before us nine-to-fivers, however, you’re golden.

This Week in Local Music

The music will start early at the inauguration of Thursday night Local Shots, beginning with Keystoned and Downtown Harvest, with Mightychondria closing the night.  In addition, let’s note:  Jaxon’s Local Podcast, a reflection of his music-preference-of- the-moment, currently features Dinner and a Suit’s Titus, off their album Safe to Say, available for your listening pleasure on Jaxon’s blog.  Can’t make it this week?  No worries…The Grape Room will be eagerly awaiting your presence next Thursday, with a new lineup of original talent, a preponderance of boob, and the reoccurring cast of characters that is Manayunk’s role in the local music scene.

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