For young Manayunk residents, the annual Manayunk Bike Race is like a combination of the Running of the Bulls of Pamplone, the most ex-Tremeish Mardi Gras celebration, and Roger Waters’ The Wall (a stretch?) all rolled into one.  Looked forward to with collegiate anticipation throughout the year, the race offers not only the spectacle of some of the world’s finest cyclists, (before an onset of severe self-seriousness, Lance Armstrong once won his first professional race here), but also some of the most entertaining parties this side of Duran Duran’s yacht (her name is…Rio?).

Officially called the TD Bank International Cycling Championship, the bike race is one of the longest, most grueling single-day events in the US, logging a total distance of 156 miles. Starting at the Philadelphia Art Museum, the cyclists ride into the northwest section of the city, through the neighborhoods of East Falls, Roxborough, and, of course, Manayunk, then loop back to the Art Museum passing scenic Fairmount Park along the way.

To start the day off right Sunday morning, Mad River Bar and Restaurant will be holding a first-rate fiesta complete with $1 beers, FREE breakfast sandwiches, and Philly’s own Mr. Greengenes (a bar band that’s been going at it, seemingly, since even the Most Interesting Man Alive/Ernest Hemingway was in swaddling clothes) from 10am to 1pm. Not only are kegs and egg-sandwiches the most fun you’ve had since college, but Greengenes will help you get (and keep) it all down.

So prepare yourself for some stirring renditions of “Summer of ’69”, (which, quite plausibly, may actually describe the band), Bon Jovi’s “Slippery When Wet” album, and all of the thoughtless fun that goes with being young and/or young at heart in the Yunk.

And if you absolutely must, tell them Mr. Self-Serious (a self-appointed “Wolfman” moniker? Really?) sent you.

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