Natasha Leggero is at the Arlington Cinema Drafthouse on Friday, June 4 and Saturday, June 5.

I had a crush from that hot girl in The Bangles when I was younger.  I thought she was the hottest woman on the planet and  spent many hours in junior high “watching” the Eternal Flame video. You’re welcome in advance for getting that song stuck in your head all day long. Anyway, the first time I saw Natasha Leggero I thought it was the same girl (Susanna Hoffs). Then I realized that there’s no way this girl could have aged so well. And I was right. I saw some Bangles reunion on TV a few months ago and those ladies are OLD AS DIRT. Regardless, my point is Natasha Leggero is hot. But also really funny.

Many of you probably know her from Chelsea Lately, as she’s a fairly regular guest on Chelsea’s round table. She’s also in the trailer for She’s Just Not That Into You which I haven’t seen yet but can’t wait to. (Total lie.) Plus, in what’s probably her most high-profile gig so far, she’s one of the judges on this year’s Last Comic Standing. I saw her in DC a few months back with a few other comedians as part of the Bentzen Ball and she made me laugh and gave me a boner at the same time. Hard to do.

If you’re in the DC area this weekend, you can see her funnyness and hotness in person at the Arlington Cinema Drafthouse on both Friday and Saturday nights. It’s a surprisingly good place to watch a show and you can smoke indoors!! (Oops…her show is non-smoking, sorry.) But they still serve booze and food and deliver it to your seat.

This lady is going to be a big star in the very near future, so I would suggest getting to one of her shows before she runs out of time to amuse you monkeys.

Culture Natasha Leggero at the Arlington Cinema Drafthouse