Upon hearing the word “reunion”, my brain can’t help but conjure up images of an awkward evening populated by individuals I would never have chosen to see again and fueled by the same imbalanced social hierarchy which dictated all of our lives ten years ago.  No, thanks – I actually have to dust my baseboards kneeling on tetanus-infested rusty nails that night.  Upon hearing the phrase “Huffamoose Reunion Show”, however, my baseboards become a much lesser priority than making it out to the Grape Room on Tuesday, June 8th.  Huffamoose, a local Philadelphia band known for its hit single Wait, will be reuniting in Manayunk  for a night of music and disconcerting déjà vu, accompanied by singer/songwriter Ben Arnold.

Wait – Huffamoose Means WHAT?

Let’s answer that question straightaway.  Yes…it means “fellatio.”  You guessed it right the first time.  How did I know that?  Well, it’s clearly because I’ve seen the 2003 documentary chronicling the band’s various and sundry musical shenanigans, Here Comes Huffamoose.  The rockumentary – note how I maintain all due pretension with a completely nonsensical word for the sake of all documentary snobs who feel the need to specify – was debuted at the 2003 Silver Lake Film Festival under co-directors Chris Richter and Pawel Kuczynski.  Detailing the band’s tour to promote the major-label debut of its 1997 album We’ve Been Had Again under Interscope Records, Here Comes Huffamoose is an ironically honest look at the less-than-glamorous day-to-day existence that is life as a slightly successful touring musician.  Rife with sleep deprivation, temper tantrums, and – the primary reason why any oxygen-consuming human male joins a band – the occasional uninhibited half-naked female fan, the film serves to provide a voyeur’s perspective into what the trailer accurately summarizes as “The Best Band You’ve Never Heard of.”

There’s No Place Like Home

First formed in the early 1990’s, Huffamoose enjoyed a degree of “Philly Fame” that lasted for almost a decade. Known for its idiosyncratic members and an abstract writing style, the group was poised to inherit the title of The Next Big Thing before life and pragmatism got in the way.  The reunion show on June 8th presents fans of the local music scene with the opportunity to see one of the finite number of bands with some national success that Philadelphia can call its own.  Joining the likes of Philadelphia’s Halestorm and Dr. Dog, Huffamoose is a group around which the musically-inclined residents of our fair city can rally – and rally we should, on June 8th at Manayunk’s Grape Room.  Doors open at eight, and a night of eccentric and cerebral alternative rock is sure to ensue.

Trailer for “Here Comes Huffamoose”


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