Christopher Hitchens in Washington, DC. Photo by ensceptico @

Born in England, educated at Oxford University, and a U.S citizen since 2001, Christopher Hitchens is appearing in person this Thursday, 10th June in Washington, DC.

Already a best-selling author, a respected critic, polemicist, and high-profile atheist, Hitchens is currently touring the world in support of the release of his eagerly-anticipated autobiography, ‘Hitch-22‘. This Thursday he is making a stop in his adopted city of residence at the famed uptown bookstore, Politics & Prose.

Having taken aim already at Mother Teresa, Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton and God, Christopher now writes about perhaps his most intriguing subject of all: himself.

The book covers, in Hitchens’ inimitable style, his days at Oxford, his enduring friendship with literary luminaries Salman Rushdie, Martin Amis and Ian McEwan, and even stretches to the recounting of an episode of corporal punishment administered by none other than Margaret Thatcher (this is not a claim very many men can make…as the old saying goes, dead men don’t tell tales).

Aswell as its lighter moments the book deals with some of Hitchens’ more painful memories, most notably the death of his mother at her own hand in an Athens hotel room when he was a much younger man. The topic is addressed in a direct manner, much as Hitchens tackles myriad other issues in his books, and is that much more powerful for it.

Hitchens’ complete rejection of any form of self-indulgence is what makes his writing so compelling; he is a case-maker, a truth-seeker and a man whose story is a must-read.

Christopher Hitchens will be appearing at 7pm, Thursday 10th June, at Politics & Prose (5015 Connecticut Avenue, NW)

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