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Your Dirty Little Secret: Tongue and Groove Improv at the Shubin Theater


Are you an adult that still sucks your thumb?  Do you steal office supplies from your work?  Are you secretly addicted to the music of Menudo?  Then get over to the Shubin this Sunday, June 13th for improv sensation Tongue and Groove as the perform their show “Secrets!”  Tongue and Groove is a collection of improv and acting superstars from the Philadelphia area; each performer has a host of credits to their name.  Tongue and Groove is a unique group in that they take a “serio-comic” approach to spontaneous theater.  Scenes vary wildly from hilariously funny to shocking and heartbreaking.  They create strong emotional connections normally found in scripted acting through the chaotic art of improvisation.

Tongue and Groove’s show “Secrets” is a distinct form.  When you walk through the door you will be asked to anonymously write an honest secret you keep on an index card.  These cards will be drawn randomly during the show to help fuel a one-of-a-kind performance that will never be seen again.  Your secret could be something as small as stealing office supplies or a giant H-bomb secret like an affair.    The show that Tongue and Groove creates will not only never be seen again, but it will also represent the unique personality of the audience.  You will have an undeniable connection to both the actors on stage and your fellow audience members and may even be looking at your friends in a different light as you walk out the door!  Don’t miss this show!

Tongue and Groove is being presented at the Shubin Theater by the Philly Improv Theater.  the Shubin is located at 407 Bainbridge Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147.  Tickets for this show are available at the door and are fantastically priced at $10!  Street parking can be sparse but there is a lot just a few doors from the theater.

Tongue and Groove
Photo by Aaron Oster