If I were to say Sallie Ford is a unique voice, it would be an understatement. Whenever I listen to her I feel a similar warmness in my insides that I get when drinking a cup of coco on a very cold day. Her persona and sound bubbles with genuine personality and a freshness that seems to be lacking from many modern day artists. Think Lilly Allen, but sweeter. Think Sera Cahoone, but with more spunk.

To get to the point: I like her and I think you will also. Call it folk or alt country or Americana and you’d probably be correct (there is a stand up bass player in the band, so make your music genre assumptions as you please). I call it good and leave it at that. Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside are from Portland and make the trip to Seattle tonight on behalf of Noise for the Needy. The bands first EP is called Not an Animal. Listen to samples here.


Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside kick off Noise for the Needy at Chop Suey with Peter Hanks, SilOHs, and Soul Jelly. Click here for tickets. $8, 8pm 21+

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