If you’re in Philly this summer you might need a big fat belly laugh. Here’s your guide for a comedy quest and cheap, well-stocked rental palaces near you. If you don’t know what to watch…  Raise your hand if you like Judd Apatow movies.

Some of Judd Apatow's Greatest Hits
Some of Judd Apatow's Greatest Hits

      Chances are if you have a humerous/are a human you have at least one favorite in the long list of his hits as a writer and producer. Maybe its the classic Heavyweights. Perhaps its a Will Ferrell greatest hit like Talladega Nights: the Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, or Stepbrothers. If you’re more into Seth Rogan, Jason Segel and McLovin then you probably caught Pineapple Express, Knocked-up or SuperBad. 

      But for the true connoiseur of the house Apatow built there are his most recent films: Funny People and the now playing Get Him to the Greek which seem to be movies about making movies. Both films take an honest look at the real nature of Hollywood and the star system and still bring the LMAO’s hard. Last time I gave ya’ll a little intro into whats going on in theaters locally. I got a chance to check out Russel Brand and Jonah Hill for myself at  UA Riverview on South Columbus.

Puff Daddy returns to the big screen in Get Him to the Greek
Puff Daddy returns to the big screen in Get Him to the Greek

           In the role of Aldous Snow, lead singer of “Infant Sorrow”, Brand reprises his role from Apatow’s sleeper hit Forgetting Sarah Marshall, except this time instead of being the constantly british-funny rockstar parody he plays a realistically depressed and drug-addicted Snow trying to make sense of his life in the midst of a binge and a fall from the spotlight after the commercial failure of his record “African Child”. Hill is the typical lovable Apatow-style loser who’s job it is to get Brand under control and on schedule. Hilarity ensues, Puff Daddy literally lights a fire under the movies butt and of course the BFF ending is the stamp that lets us know we’re watching Judd Apatow’s work. While Get Him to the Greek echoes Funny People‘s master-apprentice formula it also shows up to play the game with signiture raw stand-up influenced jokes at every possible moment. Greek Scores a strong 8 on the  1 to Awesome 11 Scale for Brand’s commitment to the role despite the familiar movement of the film.

When you don’t want to throw down 10 dollars per person at the cinema here’s a handy cheat sheet for seeking out all your favorite classics for rent:

First there’s the obvious big chains for those of you with a little bulge in your wallet.

  • 1001 Washington Avenue, Philadelphia, PA‎ – (215) 551-3004‎
  • 2489 Aramingo Avenue, Philadelphia, PA‎ – (215) 634-2015‎
  • 1455 Franklin Mills Circle, Philadelphia, PA‎ – (215) 637-4695‎
  • 101 East Olney Avenue, Philadelphia, PA‎ – (215) 276-9235‎
  • 309 South 48th Street, Philadelphia, PA‎ – (215) 748-3831‎
  • 200 West Oregon Avenue, Philadelphia, PA‎ – (215) 755-9650‎
  • 6801 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA‎ – (215) 338-3700‎
  • 3300 Aramingo Avenue, Philadelphia, PA‎ – (215) 426-9021‎

You want to save money and support some cool people? Take a little journey up to Temple University’s campus and patronize Tristan Video for an intimate, well-stocked and super cheap experience. A couple minutes north on the Broad Street Line will hook you up. Another great local option is the TLA on Locust where they specialize in cult hits and an extensive horror section.

PS. Speaking of the obscure, check out fellow culture mobber Luke’s article about the re-release of Metropolis here and check in for in-depth coverage of the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival very very soon.

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