Cellist flock together in nature. Photo Credit: Alicia J Rose

Ok, so… whats up with all the cellos? I guess that’s the first question that came to my mind when I first learned about the Portland Cello Project. Earlier this year I spent some time in Portland OR and one early Saturday morning I woke up and walked outside to the sound of a cello being played. I proceeded to ask my friends, “why is someone playing cello at 8am on a Saturday?” The response was, “it’s just the PCP. Everyone is the neighborhood is use to it by now. Don’t worry you’ll learn to love cello music more then you ever thought possible.”

I can say now that with the utmost certainty that they were right.

There is something perfect about the range and warm sound of a cello. After listening to Horse Feathers last night at the Tractor Tavern (with a mere single cello in the band), I am ready for multiple cellos. A cello experience. Browsing the PCP website I can see that their repertoire consists of everything from Vivaldi, Handel, Gershwin, and Beethoven to modern arrangement’s of songs by Slayer, Justin Timberlake, Outkast, and Elliot Smith. I’m not sure what to expect tonight at Vera, but I know there is going to be a large amount of cellists playing music meant for and not for the cello. This can only be a good thing.

Tonight will be my first in person meeting with the PCP. During the performance I’ll be wondering who to speak with regarding my lack of sleep on Saturday mornings.

Tonight The Portland Cello Project, Grand Hallway, Drew Grow and The Pastors Wives, Angelo Spencer, and Tomten play The Vera Project, 305 Harrison St 7:30PM, $10, all ages. Tickets


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