Kinski are a loud, abrasive, well versed, and very straight forward heavy rock band. No gimmicks, no theatrics, just pure heaviness.

If you’re not in the know, Kinski has been kicking around Seattle for over a decade now and have released a handful of albums on Subpop. Rumor has it that the three fine gentlemen and one fine lady of Kinski are working on a new album. Maybe if we are lucky this show might be a perfect opportunity to try some of the new material out. One can only hope.

On the other side of this bill is The Album Leaf. Less abrasive and a lot more somber. The bands latest effort A Chorus of Storytellers (Subpop) is a nice album to fall asleep to. This is a huge compliment and should not be taken the wrong way. Most artists would kill to create something half as nice and beautiful as the catalog of work that frontman Jimmy LaValle and his cohorts have created. The execution of bringing the latest recorded material to the live stage will itself alone be worth the price of admission.

The Album Leaf, Kinski, Baths at Neumos 925 E Pike St, $18, 9pm, 21+, tickets
All proceeds go to Noise for the Needy


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