Local band Sleeper to debut Friday at the Rox Box, 6080 Ridge Ave.
Hey, remember that time the Flyers were in the Stanley Cup?  Not much to do now that the games are over, is there?  WRONG.  This Friday, June 18th, will mark the premiere of new Philadelphia band Sleeper, a cerebral rock group risen like a phoenix from the remnants of Bands Gone By.  The location?  The Rox Box, a quaint little venue…and by “quaint”, I mean “crowded, frenetic, inebriated, and otherwise all things rock-and-roll”…located at 6080 Ridge Ave,  previously the Blinkin Lincoln.  Sleeper, comprised of members of former Philadelphia bands, will take the stage at 10:00, joined by the Greg Sover Band and Me Against Myself.  Guitar player Jon Mirsky and drummer Adam Pomerantz, formerly of Dead Susan, join singer Mark Green and bassist Pat Brennan for a deluge of melodic, pulsing, intelligent rock.  Mark, the previous bass player for Head, and Pat, currently playing with McRad, merge seamlessly with the team of Jon and Adam, who, like Jay and Silent Bob, have been playing together for over a decade.

When You’re a Musician, It’s Not Pretension – It’s Talent

When it comes to his songwriting, singer Mark Green is more modest than a Fundamentalist Mormon during sex.  When asked how he would like to see Sleeper’s music described in a perfect world, Mark responds, “Uh…I want people to say that it doesn’t suck.”  Well, check.  It doesn’t suck.  Mission accomplished.  When asked about the challenges associated with nurturing a new band in today’s local musical climate, however, he has far more to say.  “Philly is known for being one of the most incestuous and complex scenes in the business.”  Gaining steam, he barrels on, “The quality is incredibly high, there is a limited market for what musicians are producing, and the inevitable conclusion is that the bands end up competing with each other.”  Mark’s a smart guy, as you can see, and what he says has the ring of truth.  Many great bands have passed through Philadelphia, some of which remain as persistently as a BP oil spill, others which ebb and flow in a natural cycle of birth and death.  The result?  There is never a shortage of truly talented, authentic, emotionally invested bands in Philadelphia, and one need only to support his or her favorite.  Sleeper is a prime candidate to top that list, and, let’s face it…you only get to see a band’s virgin performance once.  Imagine if you’d seen  The Doors first performance.  Yeah.  Imagine that.

Better Than a Night at Home with the Cat

The place is the Rox Box, the date is June 18th, and the band is Sleeper.  Come check out an infant creation in the form of driving riffs, drums as lightening-fast and intense as a coked-up metronome, and – surprise! – lyrics that make you feel as intelligent as watching documentaries about the Louisiana Purchase on the History Channel.  Cover is $8, beer is fair market value, and the girls and hipsters alike are sure to be sporting the exact same pair of skinny jeans.  Live music starts at nine, so come early to get…uh, lubricated…and make sure you have that friend on hand who always drives you home even though you’ve never done much to return the favor.  See you on Friday!

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