Second City
The Second City Theater

Chicago is invading Philadelphia this summer!  Watch out for tanks built of laughs rolling down your streets to shoot joke bombs at your face!  The historic Second City Theater is bringing their 50th Anniversary Tour to the city, courtesy of The Philadelphia Theater Company. 

If you aren’t familiar with The Second City by name, first I will kindly ask you to remove your head from the sand in which it is firmly implanted.  The Second City has been consistently funny since Ike Eisenhower was living in the White House.  If the world of sketch comedy was the popular gangster film The Godfather, The Second City would play the Marlon Brando role but instead of choking on an orange peel, they reign over the criminal underground of comedy forever as a hilarious Italian tyrant!  The Second City is the breeding ground for practically every funny person that’s been around for the past fifty years.  Feast your eyes on this list of funny alumni: Mike Nichols, Elaine May, Gilda Radner, John Belushi, Harold Ramis, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd (that’s 3/4 of The Ghostbusters!), Martin Short, John Candy, Chris Farley, Mike Myers, Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Tina Fey and hundreds others!

In celebration of their long and illustrious history, The Second City 50th Anniversary Tour is travelling the country, presenting a revue of sketches, songs, and improvisations from both past and present.  The talented cast of current Second City stars will perform sketches that all reflect the time when they were written, making comedy of the strange and amazing times in which we live.  The Tour really captures the spirit of this historic institution; they make light of the scary and unfunny aspects of life and give the audience an opportunity to just sit back and laugh.  The Second City has mastered the craft of comedy and are guaranteed to put on a hilarious show.  This tour is a great opportunity to witness an important part of comedy history without having to travel all the way to Chicago!

The Philadelphia Theater Company was founded in 1974 and has been producing diverse and entertaining theater ever since.  They are presenting The Second City 50th Anniversary Tour from July 13th to July 25th at the Suzanne Roberts Theatre, located at at Broad and Lombard Streets.  Performances are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 8pm, Saturdays at 2pm and 8pm, and Sundays 3pm and 7pm.  Friday performances will feature an additional Third Act by local improv comedians.  Tickets range from $20-$41 and can be purchased by calling the PTC Box Office at 215-985-0420 or by visiting their website.  If you purchase your tickets before June 30th, you’ll get a voucher for a pre-show drink in the lobby!  If you are a comedy fan and interested in comedy history, you should definitely see this show!

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