Op Amps II, Into The Ethers is an EP not for the faint of heart. The opening track “Sacrificial Ox” starts off with a deep synth resonating and pulsing. The stillness if broken when a heavily distorted guitar leads into a full out onslaught from the band. TAD Doyle (yes that TAD, the man who fronted a band of the same name for over a decade and now leads Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, who produced the album and provides vocal duty on the first track) kicks off the EP with a daunting and almost primitive chant:

Dawn the Hyde of the Sacrificial Ox
Dawn the Hyde of the Sacrificial Ox

It’s not only a battle cry, it’s a declaration of sorts. Those who are not ready to dawn the hyde should back away now. He Whose Ox is Gored lay it on hard and never let up.

Let me clarify some things for you. H.W.O.I.G. is not a thrash band, a death metal band, a sludge band, or a hardcore band, not even close. They are loud without exception and dark without compromise, at times resembling the space and depth of local favorites Sleepy Eyes of Death and at other times taking on a rhythm and tone similar to that of Isis or Torche.

Tonight marks the CD release for the band’s new EP and it’s a damn good release worth picking up. If last year’s Op Amps EP was merely an introduction to The OX, then Op Amp II, Into the Ethers is a full on arrival and statement. Their live show is worth catching and the new material will translate very well in the intimate space of the Jewel Box Theater.

Did I mention how solid the lineup is?

I’ve caught Bleeding Hearts Vignette, Dirty Sidewalks, and Solid Gold Eagle at venues around town and none of them disappoint. Show up early and pick up as much merch as you can.

It seems as though heavy bands have been breaking up left and right in Seattle over the past year. Fortunately for the die hards, The Ox are setting themselves up to step in and fill some very big shoes. On “Cloven Hoof”, one of the standout tracks from OP Amps II, the band yells repeatably “Lets go down together”. It’s solid advice for Seattle music fans and those appreciative of the local DIY and heavy scene. For those ready to dawn the hyde, here is a band that’s worth following into darkness.

Listen to the new EP in full here

Friday June 18th He Whose Ox is Gored, Solid Gold Eagle, Bleeding Hearts Vignette, Dirty Sidewalks at the Rendezvous Jewel Box Theater, 2322 2nd Avenue, 9pm $6 21+


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