Film festivals expose the artsy core of Philadelphia in its best light, bringing together a diverse population of the city’s natives and its residential international filmmakers. No exception, the third annual Philadelphia Independent Film Festival boasts a rowdy roster of cinematic debuts from a vast landscape of influence and genre. If you’re around for the next couple days and you seek truly independent film, and a lot of it, be sure to attend this festival.

Main Box Office:

Philadelphia Independent Film Festival / Media Bureau
725 North 4th Str
Philadelphia, Pa. 19123

E-mail: BOX@PhiladelphiaIndependentFilmFestival

Call @ (215) 592-1242

10:00am – 8:00pm Monday-Friday
12:00am – 5:00pm  Saturday and Sunday             


Kicking off June 23rd at  8 pm in Ruba Hall located at 414 Green Street Philadelphia, Pa 19123, categories in which the featured films are placed include several unique styles. The opening feature for the festival is political documentary- a Philadelphia specialty- entitled American Jihadist directed by Mark Claywell. With all the great film schools in the area the sure to to thrill categories of: “Horror”, “Sci-fi”, “Music Documentary”, “Music Video” promise to deliver.

Another stand-out genre to be screened is “Animation” aside the more traditional awards for best “Comedy”, “Feature”, “Director”, “Shorts” and “Foreign” film. A blog for the fest consistently updates promotional info and introduces the festival fare here. For a full detailed schedule go to the main site which is linked-to in the blog and above.

If you happen to be the enlightened and politically aware, birkenstocks-wearing type, this festival promises to get going, radically-speaking, right away in the screening schedule with the film American Jihadist which promises “ a look at militant Islam through the eyes of an American who fought for it”.

For those of you visiting Philadelphia (or even you local couch taters waiting for an excuse to really experience the city) the many screening venues that are participating provide a unique tour of artsy Philly. From Ruba Hall on Green Street to Cafe Treece (338 Brown Street), Doll Face (737 N. 4th), the Ritz East (125 s. 2nd), Media Bureau (724 N. 4th) and the ever popular Random Tea Room (714 N 4th St) the schedule of screenings will take you on a tour of northern liberties and south Philly’s trendiest cafe’s and scene hubs.

Bastard Art, Directed by Vince Corkadel

Looking for a dark and interesting documentary to rock your face off? Another one of the many films screening at the third annual Philadelphia Independent Film Festival is entitled Bastard Art.  According to the filmmakers this documentary chronicles the rise and fall of underground goth musicians Andi Sex Gang and showcases the conflict between struggling artists and record labels.


If neither the political nor the musically-true intrigues you, worry not. The fest’s schedule includes tons of films and shorts along with a couple international titles like Qing Lou Nu screening Friday, June 25th at 10:45 pm, Bruja which runs Sunday the 27th at 5:30, and Inder Ferne Das Meer which runs Thursday the 24th. If you recognize the language you should definitely go see the film.

For my ladies, gents and queers- anyone with a gender- DO NOT MISS  Riot Act: Flaunting Gender June 24th at 6:00 pm.

Personally, I’m psyched to check out the music video series for some good old fashioned showmanship and mindblowing art on a 2010-ish budget- I find the creativity of music video directing in this DIY age absolutely liberating, see you there!

Music Video Selection Screening at Doll Face, Montage time, people!

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