In “There’s Room in My Will”, Invisible Hand frontman Adam Smith (see the reference yet?) sings, “I was born after 1970.” It’s hard to decide if his band makes that statement completely obvious or totally revelatory. On the one hand (sorry), they play songs run through with the pure melodic sensibility that marks the best of 1960’s pop. On the other, Invisible Hand plays music — and especially live — virtually aerobic, the energy level pushed through the roof in a way that screams out its debt to the best of 90’s college rock. One review mentions Superchunk and Dinosaur, Jr. in the same breath, and that sounds right to me.

Tourmates Naked Gods have a similar throwback appeal, all chiming guitars and dramatic build/release and impassioned, slightly-twanged vocals. They hail from North Carolina, just a few hours south of Invisible Hand’s native Charlottesville, VA. Is that enough to count them as locals? Either way, go feel young again when the bands bring their energy and big hooks to The Submarine House this Thursday, June 24th. BYOB and a donation, should you care to give one.

Where: The Submarine House

email for directions to the Submarine

When: 8pm on the dot

Thursday, June 24th

Home Culture Naked Gods/Invisible Hand at The Submarine House, Thurs June 24th