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This Blinding Light, FÏ‹xa, and Jabon in Ballard

This Blinding Light photo credit Pascha Schmidt

This Blinding Light play fuzzy, loud, and hazy music full of hypnotic intentions. They’re not doing anything ground breaking or trendy, but it’s difficult to not welcome and enjoy their brand of psychedelic. You’ve heard the guitar tone before (think somewhere between Black Mountain and The Sword). You’ve heard the vocal before (a lot of reverb). The drums are intentionally repetitive at times and have an almost tribal feel to them. With all this being said, This Blinding Light are very good at what they do. They succeed on two fronts: being able to create trance like moments in their songs and never loosing focus on creating primitive and digestible sounds.

Füxa are a two piece from Detroit and are a self proclaimed “space rock” group. They use synths and textural guitar lines to create a different brand of trance/psychedelic music. The composition is equally enticing, but a lot more open (or should I say spacey?). By comparison, when This Blinding Light lay it on thick, Füxa tend to stick with layers of atmospherics.

Jabon is a mysterious figure who dresses in a black robe and creates “dark ambient avant garde disco comedy” (a description taken directly off his website). In other words, it’s experimental noise rock. It appears to be very entertaining and somewhat of a visual spectacle. I don’t want to miss it.

Thurs July 1st, This Blinding Light, Füxa, and Jabon at The Sunset Tavern 5433 Ballard Ave NW. 9PM, $6, 21+

Fri July 2nd, This Blinding Light, Füxa, and Jabon at The Josephine, 608 NW 65th St, 9PM