Fremont ends the summer season with the Goonies on August 14

Summer. Film. Free.

These three words are always great to see together in a sentence, especially these days when theatre prices have raised to the point of lunacy.  And I’m not even talking about “IMAX” or “3D”, which should be called 3x the ticket price.  However in these dark times of expensive film prices, there is a shining light in the form of free outdoor movies.  Here in Seattle there are two large places that offer this amenity: Fremont’s Outdoor Almost Free Cinema and Seattle Center’s Movies at the Mural.

Fremont Outdoor Almost Free Cinema

This event has been a Seattle Summer trademark since it’s inception in 1992.  While it has gone from offering “B” movies and now plays more mainstream blockbusters the same feeling of community and fun is still prevalent.  It offers films throughout the summer on Saturday nights.  On top of that it also has giveaways and different type of themed nights to make it more of a family event.  To see a full schedule check out their website here.  Here are some highlights.

Ghostbusters (Saturday July 10, 2010): A throwback to when comedy and adventure melded so well together, this 1984 classic showcases some of the best comedy talent to ever come out of Saturday Night Live…and by that I mean Bill Murray.

Metropolis with Live Orchestra (Saturday July 31st, 2010): This 1927 silent film gave birth to the Science Fiction Genre in film.  Fritz Lang also showcases Sci-Fi as a form of social commentary and is influential on all films following.  There also will be a live orchestra playing the original score by Gottfried Huppertz.

The Goonies (Saturday August 14, 2010): Fremont ends the summer season with this gem, and rightfully so as it is the 25th anniversary.  The summer was made for watching the raucous adventures of Mikey, Chunk, Mouth, and Data and what better than to watch it outside with your family or friends.

Seattle Center Movies at the Mural

As the Fremont Movie season comes to an end, the Seattle Center Outdoor season begins in August.  While not as long as the Fremont season the Seattle Center offers beautiful views of the Space Needle and starts their films later to assure a moonlit experience.  See more information about specifics here.

Princess Bride (August 7, 2010): One of the all-time feel good classics, Princess Bride really is fun for the whole family with its swashbuckling action, snappy humor, and epic romance.  This is a perfect summer movie that is always a good choice.

The Twilight Saga: Twilight (August 21, 2010) and New Moon (August 22, 2010): Stephanie Meyers R-Patt infused melodrama is going to be playing at the Seattle Center on consecutive nights.  Should be a great time if you are a female or know one that brings you with her.

Star Trek (August 28, 2010): This J.J. Abrams adventure is about as fun as film gets.  It is perfect for a warm summer night on the big screen, and is the perfect capper to a great season of free summer films.

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