The Kutztown Folk Festival takes place from July 3 to July 11, 2010. Located about an hour and a half from Philadelphia, Berks County’s Kutztown Folk Festival offers an opportunity for families and professionals to take a relaxing day trip out to farm country. This festival is an exciting opportunity for this wanting to learn about Pennsylvania Dutch culture and farm life. It’s also popular among quilters and enthusiasts of hex signs.

Civil War enthusiasts and re-enactors also have something to see this year at the Kutztown Folk Festival. At the festival, visitors can learn about how the Civil War affected the PA Dutch who participated in the war and supported the Union. Learn first-hand about the lives of Civil War soldiers including military drills and even making coffee Civil War-style.

For those interested in hex signs (circular paintings hung on barns), the Kutztown Folk Festival sells them in three sizes starting at only $7.00. Multiple designs are available, including a “Dutch Irish” design featuring a shamrock.

Children can enjoy a farmyard theater which includes singalongs, musicians, puppeteers and ventriloquists. Kids can tour traditional farms and examine antique farm equipment. They can also meet animals at the festival’s petting zoo.

This festival wouldn’t be complete without local ethnic music and food. If you’d like to explore Pennsylvania Dutch food beyond delicious shoo-fly pies and funnel cake, you may even have the opportunity to try ox at the ox roast.

Directions to the festival are available here and include instructions to get to the festival from New Jersey, New York, DC/Baltimore, Philadelphia and Harrisburg.

Adult tickets start at $12.00, making this one of the most affordable fun family-oriented events of the summer. Order tickets here. For additional information about the festival, check out the Kutztown Folk Festival Web site.

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