Casey Jones, Skyler, Levi, Madison, and JD Alam

Not to denigrate the great state of New Jersey, it of the full service gas stations, but I wouldn’t automatically consider it breeding a rising star in the pop music scene…particularly a star comprised of five siblings who can avoiding murdering each other long enough to produce some wicked tunes and a rapidly-growing following.  Legend of the Fall is just one such type of anomaly, a family band grown in Jersey, deeply enmeshed in its religion, and with the unique ability to write pop songs that consist of more than pink bubble gum and monosyllabic rhymes.  (You know…something, something, “have my heart”, something, something, “we won’t part”.)  They are set to play the Blockley Pourhouse on July 10th, opening for LYNAM, the show also featuring East of Anything and Ecotone.

If Only She Hadn’t Eaten That Apple  – From the Mouths of Babes

Legend of the Fall is JD, Skylar, Levi, Madison, and Casey Jones Alam, ranging in age from 14 to 22.  We’re not going to call them Emo, because they have more depth than your typical Emo band.  We’re going to call them comforting to listen to, upbeat; we’re going to call them sweetly corporate pop and as much a guilty pleasure as chick lit in the bathtub while eating Bon Bons.  They’re the type of band you would expect to help old ladies across the street and to clean the hotel room in which they stayed rather than trashing it.  They’re a family, and that kind of familiarity and synchronicity is echoed in their music. Are they a Christian band?  No, but they are a band, and they are Christian, and that has made an impact on the evolution of their group and the manner in which they’re striving for musical maturity and success.  Lets recap, girls…good Christian boys, MUSICIANS at that, who are absolutely adorable (see above, Legend of the Fall) and don’t have girlfriends.  That’s right, I asked.  Love to make a good Christian boy squirm.

What Would Jesus Do?  He’d Come to the Blockley Pourhouse!

The Blockley Pourhouse, located at 3801 Chestnut St., is the former Brownie’s 38th Street (University City location, obviously).  It boasts a large stage, exposed brick, and, apparently, really nice blackboard menus…it actually boasts this, look at the website.  Legend of the Fall is going to charm the crowd with a combination of its boyish charm, innocent ambition, and spot-on execution of what is, in reality, damn catchy music.  Tickets can be purchased here for $12 in advance and $15 at the door.  Let us recall, fellow fans, that LYNAM is headlining along with East of Anything and Ecotone.  The best news?  Under 21ers are still able to attend when accompanied by an adult.  (That’s over twenty five, friends…apparently, Philadelphia adheres to the car rental version of distinguishing an adult from a minor.)  Given that the mean age of the band is barely eighteen, Legend of the Fall has plenty of time to stretch its vocal and lyrical muscles, garner a following, grow some chest hair, and merge artistically as only a longtime band can.  The point is, they don’t need to.  They’re all that, and more.  Come check them out Saturday, July 10th at the Blockley Pourhouse, and be sure to fawn a little bit…they’re still young enough to be in awe of it.*

*Be sure to check out Legend of the Fall’s debut EP Sell Outs exclusively on iTunes.

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