Disturbed's new disc, Asylum
Disturbed are a hard rock band people often confuse for metal. But no, they’re not metal. If you go around telling people you listen to metal, and your favorite band is Disturbed, guess what? You’re not metal. You’re a fucking poser. That said, David Draiman’s a nice dude who looks like Howie Mandel, and Disturbed are awesome at what they do: Arena rock with a frat-boy edge.

The record will come with a dozen new Disturbed tracks called “Remnants,” “Asylum,” “The Infection,” “Warrior,” “Another Way To Die,” “Never Again,” “The Animal,” “Crucified,” “Serpentine,” “My Child,” “Sacrifice” and “Innocence.”

Of course, the record once again features the band’s mascot, “The Dude,” on its cover. I always confuse the Disturbed dude with the Mushroomhead face. How could I? The disc comes out August 31.


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