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How to Celebrate Spain’s World Cup Win in Philadelphia

Painted Spain Fan courtesy of jikatu's flicker


Now that’s Spain has returned home with the coveted golden cup, the party is over. Right? Wrong! There are plenty of ways to celebrate Spain’s first ever World Cup win right here in Philadelphia. You could venture out to a Spanish restaurant or bar right in your home town and party in style. Just because the World Cup is over and Spain has returned home doesn’t mean that the fun went with them. (Although I am sure the party in Spain is pretty epic!)

Here’s a few ways for Philadelphians to get a taste of Spain:

Amada Restaurant: This Old City gem serves authentic Spanish tapas paired with a lovely decor and a plethora of Spanish wines. Drawing from the Spanish tradition of eating small bites of food with wine, the art of eating tapas has grown popular here in Philadelphia. Quite rightly deserved, as Amada is delicious! Chef Jose Garces will make sure you and your stomach can revel in the World Cup win.

Bar Ferdinand: This Spanish-inspired bar is located in the Northern Liberties section of the city. Gorgeously decorated with roses around the bar, Bar Ferdinand serves traditional, as well as modern Spanish tapas. If you are looking for a wonderful and sophisticated place to celebrate the win, this is your mecca, no doubt.

Tinto: Tinto, which is a colloquial expression used to describe the red wine served in typical bars throughout Northern Spain, finds its home in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood. This wine bar and restaurant is run by Chef Jose Carces, also of Amada, so you know you’re in good hands here. Instead of tapas, this place specializes in pintxos, the Northern Spain version of tapas.

So if you are looking to commemorate Spain’s win in style, try any of these wonderful Philly options. Eat, drink, and celebrate! That is, once you’ve washed the red and yellow paint off your face.