George Steinbrenner, R.I.P.
He ruled with an iron fist. He spent megabucks to brings championships to the Bronx. He didn’t give a flying fuck what anyone thought of him. He told it like it is, feuded publicly with his team’s managers, and didn’t take shit from anyone. And now, George Steinbrenner’s dead.

Two deaths for New York Yankees fans in the last week; over the weekend, the longtime voice of the Yanks, Bob Sheppard, died at the age of 99. Steinbrenner was 80, and he died Tuesday after suffering a massive heart attack. Holy shit, man. Its the end of an era. Now, everyone on the Yanks can grow their sideburns out.

Surprisingly, the Yanks only took home six titles during his tenure as the team’s owner. Known as “The Boss,” Steinbrenner came to loggerheads with Yankee great Yogi Berra and manager Billy Martin. His health had been declining in recent years. We should all wear turtle necks with blue blazers today in honor of George.


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