First, take a look at this…

And yet the Wash Post leads with this headline: “Confidence in Obama reaches new low, Washington Post-ABC News poll finds

Well, I guess if it’s presidential and it bleeds…it leads.

Here are some more internal numbers about confidence and it shows how each has slipped over time…

First observation…take a look at the “none at all” category. Obama and Repubs are tied with 29%, but Dems have 32%. That might be why the sentiment is more negative for Dems overall, even though Repubs confidence numbers are lower.

Second observation…why does the graph for Repubs have 72% and the numbers have 73%?

Third…looks like Repubs are gaining some ground, but they still haven’t been able to recover from before the inauguration time.

Fourth, the mood is anti-incumbent, with Republicans being at the bottom of the barrel.

Listen, there’s no doubt that the GOP will make gains in the fall, don’t buy the line that it’s absolutely hopeless for the Dems. Voters aren’t dumb and they’re not just going to vote for the opposition just because they’re the opposition…especially if they have no faith in the opposition.

Your thoughts?

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