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Frances Bean Cobain: Sold out art show at La Luz De Jesus Gallery


The Ballad of Jim Jones

Fiddle Tim has a sold out show at La Luz De Jesus Gallery in East Hollywood.  You wouldn’t know who the celebrity artist is except that the HuffPo let the news fly that this is the pseudonym of Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of Curt Cobain and Courtney Love.  Francis Bean’s pencil and ink drawings ranging in the modest price of $250-400 sold out quickly once the HuffPo piece went online.

As Matt Gleason says in the HuffPo piece “Fiddle Tim’s drawings balance a basic illustration approach with a scruffy (but delicately painted) texture, all aptly composed and not glopped on or glittered like so much trendy low brow attempts at feigning real experience in a cartoon culture. Her themes draw from abject personalities in search of nihilistic power:  Jim Jones, infamous punk anti-legend GG Allin, and a recurring specter who makes demands of the viewer with the threat of eating the sun if they are not met.”

The show is ongoing through August 1 at La Luz De Jesus Gallery, the best gallery in town to see Low Brow art which is a very popular form of art that uses everything from computer graphics, hyper realistic painting to hand crafted kitsch sculpture to express what is also known as Pop Surrealism.  Known as a West Coast art form it’s considered by many in the art world as a not quite legit genre, although it’s hugely popular with many buyers.