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Washington, DC Area’s Hottest Cheap Eats Battle: Burger vs. Peruvian Chicken (Vote!)


Who will be crowned DC's ultimate cheap eats: the burger or the Peruvian chicken?
Based on my survey of popular cuisines among Washingtonians, two of the hottest cheap eats in the Washington, DC area are the burger and the Peruvian chicken.  To crown which inexpensive comfort food reigns supreme, read this article and judge for yourself—vote and share your opinion in the comments section below as follows:
(1) Choose your favorite restaurant among “the contenders” serving either the burger or Peruvian chicken (or one of each).  If your favorite restaurant(s) is not listed among “the contenders,” you may write-in your own.
(2) Tell us which you like better, the burger or Peruvian chicken.  You may elaborate with reason(s) for your choice.

Proper name: Hamburger
Origins: Mongolia via Russia via Germany
Trend: With a movement towards health and affordability, burgers have become popular in affordable and fancy places alike.  The quality and variety of ingredients used has risen thanks to gourmet chefs incorporating the burger into their menus.
Materials: Diverse in its ingredients, the burger is made with beef, turkey, veggie, lamb, bison, venison, fish, crustacean, or other forms of protein sandwiched between two bun halves.  Seasoning and marinades vary tremendously.  As additional punch of refreshing flavors, the burger often comes with lettuce, tomato, onion, mushroom, pepper, pickle, cheese, bacon, etc.
Methods: Grilled, broiled, griddled/pan-seared
Armor: Mayo, ketchup , BBQ sauce, etc.
Weapons: Fried potato/sweet potato/onion, corn-on-the-cob, salad, etc.
The Contenders (in alphabetical order): BGR The Burger Joint, Big Buns, Clyde’s/Old Ebbitt Grill, Five Guys, Good Stuff Eatery, Matchbox, Morton’s Bar, Palena Café, Ray’s Hell Burger, Westend Bistro, etc.

Proper name: Pollo a la Brasa
Origins: Peru
Trend: The Peruvian chicken is rapidly becoming an iconic cheap eats food in the DC-area.  The wonderfully spiced, crisp-skinned South American import has been embraced around The Beltway, developing a passionate following.  With people eating more healthy and eating less red meat, the Peruvian chicken offers an alternative meat as poultry.
Materials: While the burger can have an elaborate array of toppings, the Peruvian chicken is based on simplicity with its marinade and seasoning providing plenty of kick for jaded palates.
Methods: Broiled on rotating rotisserie spit
Armor: Aji (spicy green sauce), aioli (garlicky mayo), sweet & tangy sauce, etc.
Weapons: Fried yucca, fried plantains, fries, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, mac n’ cheese, black beans & rice, salad, etc.
The Contenders (in alphabetical order): Chicken on the Run, Chix, Crisp & Juicy, Don Pollo, El Pollo Rico, Super Chicken, etc.

Who will win the best of DC’s Hottest Cheap Eats Battle?  Vote and find out!