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Review: Angie Stevens and The Beautiful Wreck Play a Free Live Show at Lala’s

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Live music = Angie Stevens and the Beautiful Wreck

Angie Stevens is Denver’s very own musical sweetheart. She’s Rock’n’Roll, with a constant smile and a borderline wholesome hippie vibe. She sings to her audience from the soul while dancing on tables and thrashing her head around like its 1985.

Angie Stevens and the Beautiful Wreck rocked the house Tuesday night at Lala’s from 9 to 11:30pm. As the lead guitarist and singer, she was accompanied by Susan Phelan on upright bass, Carlos Newman on drums, and Ryan Chrys on guitar.

The band’s free live show in Capitol Hill at the neighborhood wine bar (where I happen to be employed) brought in a crowd who knew every word to their songs and lots of ladies who were not afraid to get up and dance. Angie Stevens and her band played original, twang-infused songs interlaced with covers such as Milkshake by Kelis and Concrete Blonde’s Joey. They have a widespread catalogue that bleeds with Stevens’ versatility and rockstar appeal while showcasing a Beautiful Wreck that’s up for anything at their live shows.

Susan Phelan was anything but unnoticed onstage next to Stevens. As the band’s upright bass player, she’s a tattoo-cloaked badass. At one point in the show, she climbed atop her upright bass and continued strumming away. Its not something you see everyday and hard not to be mesmerized watching her play the upright bass. Angie Stevens and Susan Phelan are a female music powerhouse that could take the national music scene by storm. They are that good! One live show and I’m a fan for life.